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ELOOnline : Best BCS Championship Game Ever?

Was the Florida State- Auburn the best BCS Title game ever? Here below are the rankings of where I put the game all-time as well as Mike Tuck's rankings.Texas_Longhorns_Vince_Young



Best BCS Title Game

Eric Lopez Mike Tuck

1- Texas 41 USC 38 2006 1- Texas 41 USC 38 2006

2- Florida State 34 Auburn 31 2014 2- Florida State 34 Auburn 31 2014

3- Ohio State 31 Miami 24 2ot 2003 3- Ohio State 31 Miami 24 2003

4- Auburn 22 Oregon 19 2011 4- Auburn 22 Oregon 19 2011

5- Florida State 46 Va Tech 29 2000 5- Florida State 46 Virginia Tech 29 2000

6- LSU 21 Oklahoma 14 2004 6- Alabama 37 Texas 21 2010

7- Florida 24 Oklahoma 14 2009 7- Tennessee 23 Florida State 16 1999

8- Tennessee 23 FSU 16 1999 8- Florida 24 Oklahoma 14 2009

9- Oklahoma 13 FSU 2 2001 9- LSU 38 Ohio State 24 2008

10- Alabama 37 Texas 21 2010 10- LSU 21 Oklahoma 14 2004

11- LSU 38 Ohio State 24 2008 11- Miami 37 Nebraska 14 2002

12- Alabama 21 LSU 0 2012 12- USC 55 Oklahoma 19 2005

13- USC 55 Oklahoma 19 2005 13- Oklahoma 13 Florida State 2 2001

14- Miami 37 Nebraska 14 2002 14- Florida 41 Ohio State 14 2007

15- Florida 41 Ohio State 14 2007 15- Alabama 21 LSU 0 2012

16- Alabama 42 Notre Dame 14 2013 16 - Alabama 42 Notre Dame 14 2013

Some observations from the list. Mike is a bigger fan of backup Quarterbacks playing in the title game then I am. Mike has Alabama-Texas, and Tennessee-FSU games way higher then me. Colt McCoy got hurt in 1st series of the Alabama-Texas game and Marcus Outzen started the 1999 National title game for Florida State as future Heisman Trophy winner Chris Weinke was out for season with a neck injury.

Some people were acourse out there defending the BCS this morning how they got it right more then people gave it credit for? I beg to differ.

1999- Tenneesee vs FSU. Correct

2000- Virginia Tech vs FSU Correct

2001- Oklahoma vs Florida State - Wrong. Should have been Oklahoma vs Miami. Miami beat FSU during the season. Also btw this year would have been an awesome year for the 4 team playoff with Oklahoma, Miami, FSU, and Washington who beat Miami during the season.

2002- Miami vs Nebraska- WAY WRONG. Worst Ever. Nebraska had no buisness sniffing this game no even winning Big 12 division and getting blasted by Colorado. Should have been Miami vs Oregon. 4-Team playoff would have been Miami, Oregon, Colorado, with the 4th spot being a debate between Florida, LSU who actually won SEC title in upset over Tennessee but went 9-3, and Illinois who is Big 10 champion, and Nebraska. I would have pick Florida.

2003- Miami vs Ohio State - Correct

2004- LSU vs Oklahoma- Wrong. Should have been LSU vs USC as Oklahoma got blown out in Big 12 title game vs Kansas State. If 4-team playoff it would have been LSU, USC, Michigan, with 4th spot between Oklahoma, Kansas State, Miami (Ohio) Ben Roethlisberger's team first Non Power conference team to enter debate. I go with cinderella Miami Ohio as suprise 4th pick. But Oklahoma more then likely would have gotten the 4th spot.

2005- USC vs Oklahoma - Wrong. I actually thought they got this one right. However many felt Auburn 12-0 SEC Champion should have been. This would have been another awesome year for 4-Team playoff with 4 teams being USC, Oklahoma, Auburn with 4th team being fun big debate between an undefeated Utah team with Urban Meyer and Alex Smith, Undefeated Boise State team, and Texas. My pick- Utah.

2006- USC vs Texas - Correct.

2007- Florida vs Ohio State- Correct Sort of. Florida proved they deserved to be at the game. But remember there was a lot debate going into the game who was the best 2 teams in the country. 4-team playoff would have had Ohio State, Florida, USC, Michigan, with Boise State, and Louisville all in mix for spots on the outside.

2008- LSU vs Ohio State - Correct Sort of. Maybe the craziest college football season ever. a 2- loss LSU team won National title. But arguments could have been for Georgia, and USC who would have been included in a 4 team playoff.

2009- Florida vs Oklahoma- Wrong . Florida people forget lost at home to Ole Miss. Oklahoma loss to Texas Head to Head! Now not saying they were not one of 2 best teams but it was also not a clear cut choice of either Florida or Oklahoma. Should have been Florida vs Texas. 4 Team playoff would have had Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, USC, Utah,Boise State and Texas Tech all for 4 spots. My 4 : Florida, Texas, USC, Oklahoma with Argument for Utah and Boise State on outside.

2010- Alabama vs Texas - Correct . But you could w 4 team playoff have had Boise State, TCU, Cinncinnati also in mix . My 4- Texas, Alabama, Boise State, TCU.

2011- Auburn vs Oregon -Correct. But you could w 4 team playoff would have had TCU with Andy Dalton, and Stanford with Andrew Luck in playoff as well.

2012- Alabama vs LSU - Wrong. Alot of people like Mike Tuck would make a good argument that Alabama who did not even win SEC West and lost to LSU in regular season at home should have not gotten in over Big 12 Champion over Oklahoma State. I actually felt LSU, Alabama were the two best teams but Mike argument has valid points. A 4 team playoff this year would have solved this issue. 4- team playoff - LSU, Oklahoma State, Alabama, with 4th spot between Oregon, Stanford and Boise State with Oregon getting the nod for winning the pac 12 and beating Stanford.

2013- Alabama vs Notre Dame- Correct Sort of. Did you honestly feel the two best teams were on the field? 4 team playoff- Alabama, Notre Dame, with Florida, Texas AM, Stanford, and Oregon all in the mix for the final spots. My pick would have been Alabama, Notre Dame, Stanford, and Texas AM.

2014- FSU vs Auburn. - Correct.

Overall- BCS got it right 10 out of 16 years. Thats including the Correct Sort of where you dont feel 100% great about it. The 4 team playoff as I showed would not have left a team out that had an argument for National Title and you still would have alot of the debate you have during the regular season. So Today a celebration for FLORIDA STATE Seminoles fans and College Football fans. GOOD BYE BCS. Bring on the Playoffs!


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