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Eli Manning On The First Giants OTA

New York Giants starting quarterback Eli Manning spoke with the media Wednesday afternoon about OTAs, Hakeem Nicks and working in the rookies.

Q: Was it surprising not seeing Hakeem out there?

A: Right now Im just worrying about myself going out there executing, the guys who are here, trying to make everybody better, up to speed on what were trying to do and get the young guys involved and get them caught up to speed on everything going on and try to get better. Thats all were working on.

Q: You got to throw with Murphy, Jernigan and Randle. Did you like what you saw from them?

A: Yeah. I hit Louis on a deep one. I got Rueben in there. I got Jernigan some catches. Were getting everybody in there getting them a lot of reps, getting on time with them. Were always going to get better. Whoever is on the field, were going to expect them to go out there and play at a high level. So I think the more guys you have who are experienced and ready to play different positions, the better off were going to be.

Q: Is there a part of you that would like to take it slow with Hakeem?

A: You want to make sure your guys are healthy at the start of the year and thats always the number one thing, but youve also got to get some work. We need to improve. Weve got to rep things. Weve got to make sure were doing everything we can to make sure were playing at our best. That involves being healthy and also involves practice and getting reps.

Q: Did you expect Hakeem to be here?

A: There was no reason to think he wasnt going to be here.

Q: Are you disappointed he isnt here?

A: No. Im going to go about my business and working and so hopefully well have as many of our guys who are going to be playing for us this season out there working and trying to get better.

Q: How much of the new seasons offense has already been installed and how much tweaking do you expect from the basic offense that youve run?

A: It doesnt sound like theres going to be a whole lot of tweaking. We kind of have our offense and weve had success. Weve done a lot of good things. There will always be new plays. There will always be plays that you put in each week for specific teams or some base plays that you kind of run more, but its really more about lets get better at the things that we do. Last year: What plays are working? What plays were not working? Sometimes youll have a play that you kind of look on paper and you say we didnt have very good success with this play, but you watch it on film and you say we had an opportunity. We had guys open and maybe there was a protection or maybe there was a drop or maybe I threw a bad ball. So you have to kind of see the reasons why you didnt have success in certain things. The concept is still good, weve just got to execute a little bit better.

Q: Is that what you guys get out of OTAs?

A: OTAs are really about just getting back into my rhythm and working on my mechanics, making sure everything is sharp. Making sure all of the guys have a great feel of the concepts of what were doing, really kind of slow things down, talk to them, watch the film with them and make sure everything is where it needs to be. The routes are at the right depths, the right angles. Kind of working on the little things and make sure all of those things are sharp and being done perfectly because at the beginning were running our basic plays that are always in every year that were not trying to overload things. Its just trying to get everybody up to date with all the rookies and guys who have been here one year. Kind of make sure they re-learn everything, kind of hear it from the beginning and make sure they have a great understanding of what were trying to do.

Q: Is it almost a good thing not having Nicks or Cruz here because other people get more work?

A: Youve still got to work on your timing. Youve still got to work on the basics and everybody needs it. I need the basics. How many times have I thrown a hitch in my life? Or a curl route? Ive still got to do it. Ive still got to get those things and work them, but it is good to have other guys in there running routes and getting your timing down with other guys. Thats how you look at it, but youd still like to have all your guys out there. We all need to work. We all need to practice. We all need to improve on things.

Q: When you look at the new tight ends, what challenges does that pose for you to bring so many guys up to speed?

A: Each year, youre going to have challenges. Each year youre going to have new guys in there youre trying to get up to speed or youre trying to get them to perform and throw as much at them and see how quickly they can adapt and grasp things and thats what makes it exciting. Thats what makes it challenging. Thats what keeps me going every year. Theres not a new guy who doesnt have something to work on and something to challenge someone else and challenge myself. It wouldnt make it as fun. I enjoy the challenges. I enjoy teaching our offense to new guys and getting them to when it finally starts to kick in and get them understanding and you start making plays. They kind of learn one part of it and then you kind of go into the next part and you get more advanced. Those are things I enjoy doing.

Q: What did you see when Hynoski went down?

A: I didnt see it. I handed the ball off and just saw him on the ground after. I dont know exactly what happened. I havent seen the film yet. I dont know how severe the injury is, so hopefully its not too bad and he can be back either for the spring or at least for training camp. I dont know the results yet.

Q: Its crazy how these things can happen.

A: You hope they dont happen, but thats just football. It wasnt a hit. No one was going down, but youre running around and making cuts and unfortunately sometimes you have some injuries. Hopefully its a minor one.

Source: New York Giants Media


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