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Ego And Vanity: Only Reasons A-Rod Is Appealing

That?s if you believe Bob Klapisch, of course. He takes a look at A-Rod?s return to the Yankees and ? despite noting that the Yankees are awful and A-Rod is actually looking like he is capable of helping the team ? he casts a cynical eye on Rodriguez?s presence on the Yankees. And it?s not even a money thing. Klapisch even admits that anyone would play if there was money at stake so it?s hard to fault Rodriguez for that. But:

Given the inevitable humiliation that awaits, A-Rod is using the last two months of the season to build up equity with the fans. Only a fool would believe that?s possible ? that home runs in meaningless games will clear the stench of years of PEDs use. But that?s how Rodriguez rolls, swaddled by ego, a tone-deaf vanity and his PR staff that never let Rodriguez forget he is larger than life. So A-Rod on about rescuing the Yankees, but he has to know that?s beyond anyone?s grasp. Instead, it?s all about the stage ? his stage, just the way baseball?s greatest narcissist likes it.

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