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Don't look for A-Rod in Tampa for Spring Training

Many Yankee fans hope to see N0. 13 on the green grass ofGeorge M. Steinbrenner Field at least for Spring Training in about a month. But not so fast in this well penned story from ESPN Insider Jayson Stark thinks that A-Rod will not been seen anywhere near the Yankees complex.

SoAlex Rodriguezis "100 percent certain" he'll be teeing it up in spring training next month?


What spring training is that?

The training camp of the Suspended For The Year All-Stars maybe. If he can find it. Or invent it.

ButNew York Yankeesspring training? At George M. Steinbrenner Field?


I'd bet there's as good a chance of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig suiting up at Steinbrenner Field this spring as there is of A-Rod setting foot on that field.

I've had a chance to talk this weekend with several industry sources who are eminently familiar with both baseball's basic agreement and its joint drug agreement. None are convinced that those agreements clearly give a player like this, who has been suspended for the season, the right to show up for spring training as if everything was cool.

For one thing, the wording of the joint drug agreement, when it addresses suspended players attending spring training, couldn't possibly be more vague. It's so vague, in fact, that it wouldn't be a bad idea for somebody to file a grievance over it, just so we can figure out what the heck it does mean.

But pending further legalities, that agreement says only that the definition of a "game" for which those players are suspended does "not include spring training games, extended spring training games or affiliated Winter League games."

Nowhere, though, does that agreement specifically give suspended players the "right" to attend spring training or to play in spring training games. More of theJayson Stark story HERE...


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