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Dolphins Tannehill On Entering Training Camp A Starter

Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill spoke to the media Sunday afternoon after the first day of training camp.

(On day one and if it was what he thought it would be throwing to his receivers) Its a day to get back on the same page. Obviously we have had some time off. (Weve) been working, but this is the first time with everyone on defense, the whole nine yards. It wasnt our cleanest day, but we had some rust to knock off, but it is a good starting point for us.

(On how much different is it throwing to guys in the offseason going against air than throwing against a defense) Its a lot different. Its easy to complete every ball against air. The guy has nothing to deter from his route. Hes just counting out his steps and making a clean break. There are a lot more variables going into it as a defense. It could be bumped up, so you would have to fight off the line, have to stem to get leverage and you have a line in front of you. There are a lot of variables that take a few days to get comfortable with again.

(On how different camp is compared to last season knowing he is the starter) Last year, I didnt know what to expect coming in other than coming in and fighting for a job. This year I got to really use the offseason to grow my leadership, set things up, get with guys. Now coming in I can really focus taking this team to the next level, doing everything I can improve my game and to help improve the guys around me as well.

(On how the work benefitted you now) You are there working for months in the offseason, and it plays to your benefit heading into this time of year. We installed the offense about four times in the spring, so we are rolling around for the fifth time in a year. Its a lot easier for guys to pick up on the nuances of the offense. We can start talking through subtle changes we can go through and not just focus on the main concept.

(On chemistry with Mike Wallace and Brandon Gibson) Today was a learning day for us getting back on for the first time, but it is big for us to come out here, get a good start and progress on that as we move forward.

(On Mike Sherman saying Tannehill would be the most improved quarterback in the NFL) Im not here to compare myself to anyone else. Just improve my game and take it to the next level.

(On whether he has to pinch himself that its July 21 and having a game in two weeks) Its crazy. I was lying in bed last night thinking about today how we have our first camp, first day of practice and the season is getting kicked off. You are working every day until the season is over. Now is the time of year to work all offseason for. We put in all of the long hours starting back in January and February. It pays off this time of year. You start with preseason games and you get into the 16 plus Sundays that we play games.

(On realistic expectation to be on sync with new receivers or if it will take time) It does take a little bit of time. Right now I feel as if we are pretty good with each other from the work weve done in the spring and summer, but I think you will see improvement every day from us as we go forward.

(On if he is learning the receivers personalities well) I think everyone has their own niches in the offense, things that they really do well. We are learning those things. We are learning them as an offense that best utilizes them in our game plans.

(On offseason workouts and if any defensive backs were around) We did mostly work on air and moving down the field. We dont want to get anybody tangled up in the offseason.

(On where the workout was last week) It was here in Davie.

(On examples today of good communication or place of improvement with the new players) There are several things that we are going to go back and look on tape. Hey, maybe I can throw this ball earlier. Maybe you can flatten this route out a little bit. Its the first day. Everything is not going to be perfect. We bust through the install last night, so some of the plays the first time we heard them were today on the field. There are things we will be ironing out. Especially for our first day, I think you will see vast improvement as we move on this week.

(On how much he thinks he can personally grow as a football player this training camp) This is the biggest time of the year to grow, I think. Its crunch time. Its time to make a move and get better now. You are out here every day, so you can really build on what you did the day before. You are completely locked into football. There is nothing else going on. You are up here for 14, 15, 16 hours a day. Its all a matter of utilizing that time, getting the best out of it and not making the same mistake twice as you move forward.

(On what he likes on his offensive group and the new players, and if they will give him the opportunity to be the quarterback he wants to be) I like what I see. I think we have a lot of talent on the field, a lot of guys who can get open, catch the ball and do something with it when they get the ball in their hands. Im excited as we have playmakers on the field. Now its just a matter of putting the puzzle together and doing a good job myself of giving them the ball.

(On pressure he might have of getting the ball to those playmakers) Yeah, I think its the job of a leader to not only do well yourself but encourage and build up and make the guys around you better.

(On his main focus during the offseason to make himself a better quarterback There is a lot of things that I worked on. Fundamentally, feet is one of the biggest things playing the quarterback position is just consistency with feet, making sure youre feet are in the right spot as you set up to make a throw.

(On advice he would give to Dion Jordan as being a high draft pick) Just come out and have fun. Play the game, work hard and do everything you can to get better. There is going to be expectations, but at the end of the day if you are doing the right things (then) you will be on the field producing and nothing else matters.

(On if he ever had a wide receiver possessing the speed of Mike Wallace at any level of football) Hes a pretty elite talent. He has a speed that not many guys have, especially in football. I played with a few fast guys at Texas A&M, Ryan Swope, but he was mostly an inside guy. As far as an outside receiver with just pure speed, hes probably the only guy Ive played with.

(On confidence level going into the season) I think we have a confidence level, but I think it is going to improve the more we work in camp. I think we have a good baseline and foundation set, and we have guys that want to work hard and get better as we move toward our first game. We have a good confidence level now, but I want to see that improve as we move into our first game.

Source: Miami Dolphins Media


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