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Dolphins Philbin Going Out On A Positive Note

Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin spoke with the media Friday on the last game of the season and the hope of a .500 record.

On if the weather in New England this Sunday impacts anything:

Well, we did have the air conditioning on full tilt (in practice today). Yeah, I think its supposed to be relatively nice, having grown up in Massachusetts. Its supposed to be around 30 degrees and the winds not supposed to be too bad. We talked to the guys Wednesday morning and we told them what the forecast was. Its actually, I think, improved since then, but I think once the game gets going, guys dont really think about the weather too much.

On if players worry about the snow or wet field:

I dont think so, not really.

On how many friends and family hell have at the game:

Not a whole lot. My parents are elderly so theyre certainly not going to the game, but a couple but not too bad.

On if the question has been answered whether John Jerry can be a quality starting guard:

Hes done well. Hes done a good job. Well take some time in the offseason to thoroughly evaluate everybody on the roster and evaluate ourselves and things we did as well. But I thought he did a good job overall.

On the chemistry between Ryan Tannehill and Mike Pouncey:

Youve got to be good down the middle. The biggest thing I think when you have those two positions, you need guys that practice on a regular basis. I know thats a simple starting point, but having gone through some years where thats an issue sometimes, I think its important that both the center and the quarterback are together - getting a lot of reps working together, the communication system, the re-identifications. All those things that take place are imperative in the NFL today and I think theyre off to a good start.

On if there was a different feel today with this being the last practice of the season:

Not really, no. We kept things pretty much consistent throughout the week. Weve tapered practices as the years gone on, but really we did the (same thing). We kind of like to get these guys in a routine this is how we prepare for a game, these are the things we believe you need to do to get ready to play in a game. So weve kept that pretty consistent.

On if he takes any time off after the season or if he immediately start looking ahead to the Draft or things of that nature:

Ill take a little time off certainly (at) some point obviously as will the staff. They need to do that. I think when youve been going since July 27th, youve had maybe a brief a weekend off during the bye week, I think you need time to re-charge and sometimes its good to step away and just think. It helps you clear your vision up and think about some other things. Ill definitely do that.

On if he sees himself being very involved with the Senior Bowl scouting and things of that nature:

I havent gotten that far, but Ill be involved to a certain degree Im sure.

On not having a ton of time to explore South Florida yet and it being a whirlwind since he moved here:

Yeah, its been fast-paced. No question about it. Its been good though. Its been great. Ive been very fortunate and (Ive) met a lot of great people. Im looking forward to working and staying here for a long time.

On his thoughts on practice squad wide receivers Jeff Fuller and Brian Tyms:

I think they both have a future or we wouldnt keep them here. They both have a nice body type. They have good length those guys and theyre competitive. I think Jeffs caught the ball better, more consistently. Hes had some ups and downs in camp, but I like the way hes progressing. And Brians, hes kind of sneaky fast. He moves well and he goes up and competes for the ball well down the field. Im looking forward to working with those guys.

On why Armon Binns has been able to pick up the offense so quickly:

Hes worked really hard at it number one. Coach (Ken) OKeefe and Coach (Phil) McGeoghan have spent a lot of extra time with them number two. He appears to be a bright guy. So I think when you have the work ethic and the intelligence and the staff taking the extra time has enabled him to get caught up pretty quickly.

Source: Miami Dolphins Media


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