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Dolphins LB Dannell Ellerbe Talks About Knowshon Moreno

Dolphins linebacker Dannell Ellerbe faced a lot of questions about Knowshon Moreno Wednesday.

(On RB Knowshon Moreno) We were kind of cool before he signed at Georgia, but hes a guy with a lot of energy. He will bring a lot of electricity to the game. Hes a fighter. Hes a good player. Hes athletic. I was a fan since college.

(On RB Knowshon Moreno being an emotional player) Oh yeah, he loves the game.

(On if he knew RB Knowshon Moreno in high school) No I didnt know him in high school. I just knew him when he came on his visit.

(On how RB Knowshon Moreno looked at practice today) Just to see him in pads is a blessing to me. Im ready for him to get healthy and get out there on the field and help this team.

(On what hes seen from RB Knowshon Moreno when hes gone against him at practice) He was very elusive and I believe now that hes gotten to the league, hes added more power to his game. Im looking forward to him playing on my team again.

(On if this the first time hes worked on the JUGS machine after practice) No, Ive been working on the JUGS since last year. I actually reached out to Derrick Brooks and I asked him how to get all the interceptions like he did. He told me to catch 25 balls after practice every day, so Ive been catching 30.

(On if he has a nickname for RB Knowshon Moreno) No, I dont. I just call him Know- Know.

(On RB Knowshon Moreno as a receiver) Oh yeah, he can catch passes too. He can get out of the backfield. Hes good in routes. Hes an all-around player to me.

(On if he is excited about Friday to play at Atlanta) Im excited to get my feet wet up under the lights and on TV again. Being that they are on Hard Knocks, so I know this game will make TV. Its going to be on HBO.

Source: Miami Dolphins Media


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