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Dolphins Joe Philbin Takes On The Jaguars

Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin spoke with the media on Wednesday about the Chad Henne revenge factor, Reggie Bush's pass catching ability and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

On how practice was today:

It was a good practice. It was energetic. It was good.

On the Jaguars defense:

They play with good energy. Theyre very sound in what they do. I think they know their scheme very well. They played pretty well the other day. They played very well the other day. They tackled well, so were going to have to do a good job. Theyre not a huge pressure team, but theyve got a good couple challenging looks that were going to have to be ready for.

On if he thinks Chad Henne will be motivated going up against his former team:

Thats a question for him. Obviously, hes playing very well and hes done a nice job there. Again, I cant speak to his motivations.

On if he remembers when Henne went against him in Green Bay in 2010:

No, I really dont Obviously, I remember the other side when Mr. (Cameron) Wake had a couple sacks against us.

On what Hennes doing well:

All of the things you like to see in a quarterback hes got good arm strength, hes got god accuracy. It looks like hes acclimated to their system well and hes throwing the ball well.

On what he would like to see out of Ryan Tannehill over the last three games:

Id like to see improvement, just like I want to see out of the entire offensive unit, the defense unit, the special teams unit. We told the team in the locker room, we told them again today, the focus is on playing as well as we can. Weve got to play better to win. We havent earned a victory the last two weeks. We havent played enough in the fourth quarter. Were very honest up front about the issues and weve got to get them corrected and weve got to play better. Certainly, hes part of that just like anybody else, but its not certainly solely on him Hes one player out of 22, out of 11, on every single unit.

On if this season has been kind of an emotional rollercoaster of a season for him:

No, not necessarily. Again, I believe in the guys. I think we have excellent character in that locker room. Its been a privilege to coach the football team. I like the way these guys compete. I like the way they go about their jobs. I think theyre a professional group. Im not delighted with the outcomes all the time, but certainly, no, its been a privilege to be the head coach of this team.

On what has been the most satisfying thing of the team this year:

There will be a time to think about that kind of stuff. Right now, again its were in a kind of a one week mentality and (I) havent really thought about those things. You use that saying (that) I still love pulling my car in here and going to work and being around the staff, people in the organization, the players.

On the production of the tight end group:

Our touchdown production has been very good. I think Anthony (Fasanos) played well (and) made a great play in the game the other day. I think wed like probably some more explosive plays out of that group. Were starting to get some of them, but probably some more explosive (plays would be good). I think theyve been good down in the red zone. Weve gotten some touchdowns out of the group. I think, again, overall offensively and them, probably wed love to see a little more production.

On if the defense overall and if theyve played good team defense this year:

Yeah, were doing some good things on defense. Theres no question about it. Again, footballs not a game about statistics, but if you went through the profile of our defense, theres certainly some things that were doing well (and) evidence in relation to the 32 other teams. We still have to do things better to get over the hump and win games. Thats really our focus this week. We talk about it Ive been trumpeting it since the day I got here and it hasnt come to fruition all the takeaways and the giveaways on the other side of the ball. Were 29th in the league in takeaways and were 22nd in giveaways and thats not a good combination. And so thats on me and its on all of us. Weve got to do better in that area.

On using Reggie Bush in a broader way, particularly as a receiver last week:

In some ways, we did. Again, theres other times when the ball may not go to him where hes kind of utilized in a similar fashion, but for whatever reason, the ball doesnt end up going in his direction. But certainly hes a guy that we want the ball in his hands and we want to find ways to do that. He had some relatively good production the other day.

On players reaching some records and if they mean anything if the team doesnt make the playoffs:

Maybe at some point in time. Right now, again, its all about playing better and playing better in the fourth quarter, winning games. We thought the last couple of weeks unfolded kind of like we had hoped for the vast majority of the game. Again, Weve got to do a better job and win some of those games. I think there will be a time and a place to look at stats and analyze stats, but right now its not really a focus.

On how Jason Trusnik performed replacing Koa Misi:

He did a good job. He did well. He did a good job.

On how Jonathan Martin and Nate Garner did last week:

Yeah, I thought they did well. I thought they did well. Obviously, we dont want Common sense would tell you we dont like to go backwards in the red zone, but I thought they were very competitive and I thought they did, overall, they did a good job.

On signing Armon Binns and if he could get on the field in the last three games:

Yeah. Again, today was our first chance to really get our hands around him and see what he can do and he looked like he had a decent practice. Well take a look at the tape and see if he can fit into the plan. Well see.

On what he saw in Binns:

As you guys know, we make decisions all the time for a variety of reasons we sign guys and release guys. Hes guy that we had our eye on (and) thought he might be able to add something to the group and well see how that goes.

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