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Dolphins' Daryn Colledge Talks Offensive Line

Miami Dolphins guard Daryn Colledge spoke to the media Wednesday.

(On how the offensive line is coming together) Well, I think everybodys out there fighting for a spot. I think only one or two positions are really locked up at this point. So everybodys kind of trying to find their spot. Everybody is out there battling trying to find out where they connect and its good. We get in a situation where weve got a lot of playing next to a lot of guys, so if we get an injury situation in the season, we have some experience with everybody.

(On watching these practices on tape and if they are becoming more cohesive every day) - Yeah, I see improvement almost every day. I mean we joke, weve got a lot to learn. Weve got a lot for us, a lot of the game is mental, its not just physical. So weve got the guys that can physically get it done. Were trying to perfect our technique and perfect our assignments. Weve got to find answers for the little questions out there and thats what makes a great offensive line. So its going to be nice this week to cut it loose and not have to play against our defense, get to cut some guys, that will help us in the run game, but it will be nice to go out and just hit somebody thats not on our team and doesnt know what were doing every day.

(On if the offensive line gives any thought to the 58 sacks allowed last season) - Well, I think everybody knows what happened here last year, but nobody was here last year. So its a matter of us, I mean, that cant happen on any team. So I think we all know that theres a certain standard thats among professionals that you just cant be that guy. You dont want to be the last team in the league in sacks. We have a whole different plan for that. Weve got different schemes, the quarterbacks are doing different things, running backs are doing different things. Were going to run the ball a little bit better. So weve got hopefully some answers.

(On what gives him confidence that they will run the ball better) -I just like what were doing on the scheme. I like what our running backs are doing in practice. I mean we play against the defense right now that knows exactly what were doing every single day and theyre seeing it over and over again, and were still able to find a way to run the ball a little bit. So we get out against some teams and spread them out and get chance to start cutting some guys on the back side and really start opening some of those holes up and weve got some chances. Plus, youve got 17 (Ryan Tannehill) back there, that guy can move a little bit, hes going to give us an opportunity on the back side. Hes going to hold some of those linebackers for us.

(On how he feels as a nine-year veteran) - Well, I mean, youve got to get past the heat and humidity. Right now, I feel miserable. When I came in this morning, I felt pretty good. So its one of those things where you kind of battle through. These are the dog days. This is the hard stuff. When you get in the games, thats adrenaline, thats fun. Practice is the work. This is what they pay you to be here for. They pay you to come to practice because this is the hardest part of your day.

(On the chemistry with T Branden Albert) - The good thing about me and Branden is weve both got a lot of experience. So we know what each other wants to see out there. Its just a matter of us knowing exactly what we want on each play. Once we have that down, we can kind of start taking the communication stuff out of it and a lot of it becomes nonverbal, which helps out me and him. Were getting to that point, but, again, Im also rotating with Shelley (Smith). Shelleys out there fighting to be the starting left guard also. Right now, Im trying work with both left tackles and see where I end up on this offensive line.

(On if its encouraging to see RB Knowshon Moreno out there today) - Right now, weve got such a rotation at running back. You never know whos back there, but its good to see the guys, guys that we expected to be playmakers this year to come off the sideline and start getting some work. Those guys are professionals and those guys will come in when the time is ready, but it is good to see them out there getting a few reps.

(On what RB Knowshon Moreno can bring to this offense) - First, I think hes just explosive. I think hes a good running back. I think he reads the holes well. I think this scheme fits him well. Hes got that Denver experience. He knows what were trying to do out there and he knows how to hit the hole. Again, we want to be the kind of offensive line that opens holes that you can get through. If we can get a guy like Knowshon up in the hole, weve got a chance.

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