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Different Ways To Vote For Miguel Cabrera And Future MVPs

miguel cabreraYou dont have to have some set of hard and fast rules about how you feel about awards if you dont want to. Feel free to go with your gut each year. Feel free to just vote for your favorite player all you want. Or not. I dont care. And if you think Miguel Cabrera is the MVP this year I wont quibble at all. Wonderful choice and I wont squawk a bit if he wins the award.

But if you claim to have rules for such things, dont change them every couple of years and claim youre consistent.

Heres Jon Paul Morosi a few minutes ago:

Jon Morosi ? @jonmorosi

I believe players are most valuable to their teams when they help those teams win division titles and make the playoffs.

1:56 PM - 16 Sep 2013

In 2010, of course, the Tigers finished 81-81 and were out of the playoff picture while Hamiltons Rangers won the AL West with a huge assist from Josh Hamilton. I guess that whole thing about helping their teams win division titles and make the playoffs criteria for the MVP award only matters when it helps Miguel Cabrera and doesnt matter when it hurts him.

Source: Craig Calcaterra, NBC Sports


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