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Diamond Dallas Page talks Yoga, Pro Wrestling

I had a chance  to talk to Wrestling legend  Diamond Dallas Page  about his DDPYoga [1]  and how it has help many people including  newly inducted WWE Hall of Famers DDP_Wrestling [2]Jake ” The Snake” Roberts and  Scott Hall. Page broke down what DDP Yoga is and how it help him and can help people. Paige also discussed the current wrestling product including his thoughts on Daniel Bryan. Paige also talked about who he would wrestle now if he could have one match with someone he never had a wrestling match with before and Paige also discussed if we will see WCW Legend Sting in a WWE ring ?  Paige talk about this and much more listen below.

Diamond Dallas Page [3] :

http://audio.sportstalkflorida.com/1080/DDP.mp3 [4]

Here is Diamond Dallas Page career accomplishments in his Pro Wrestling career :