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Deadspin Is Willing To Pay To Fill Out HOF Ballot

Source: Craig Calcaterra, NBC Sports

MLB HOfViva chaos: Deadspin is trying to buy a Hall of Fame vote from someone.

After correctly observing how screwed up and ridiculous the spectacle of watching people moralize and over-think come Hall of Fame vote time is, Tim Marchman lays out his plan:

The sensible thing to do would be to just stop paying attention to this raging trash fire, but we dont think thats enough. Were going to seize some small, symbolic bit of power and turn it over to the public. Were going to buy a Hall of Fame vote.

If youre a 1o-year member of the Baseball Writers Association of America, we want to give you cash in exchange for allowing Deadspins readers to fill out your ballot. Were not entirely sure what the market value of a vote is, so wed like you to contact usat [email protected], or in the comments belowand name a price, so that we can start negotiations.

Most of all, what Deadspin is trying to do is fun.


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