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DB Online : NBA Conspiracy Theories

Earlier today on DB Online , David Baumann talks about NBA Conspiracy Theories and if there any truth behind them. TV ratings in recent years may suggest the league would prefer the Miami Heat to the Indiana Pacers in the NBA Finals.

Why you should listen :David Baumann breaks down what listeners think about NBA Conspiracy Theories and what that means for the Heat-Pacers game 7.

Christian Laettner, who played in the NBA from 1992-05, joined the discussion.

Here's Laettner's take from a player's perspective: "Well, I think the fans talk about it more and maybe the media might talk about it more than the players, but there were times after a game where you're sitting around eating dinner and you're saying to yourself - Geez it feels like the refs want the game, want the series to go seven games, because if there series is over after a sweep like let's say San Antonio swept Memphis last week 4-0, well, that's three possible games the NBA is missing out on, on all that money and revenue generating... It just creeps into your mind for a second and it mainly happens when you read an article or hear the media talk about it or maybe a fan says something about it... It might enter your mind for a second, but in actuality and in reality, I don't think it happens. It would be horrible if it did happen, but people love throwing things out there like that. It'll never go away. Speculation is one of those things where everyone does it."

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DB Online : June 3, 2013

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