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David Baumann Show 11-23-12

David Baumann talked to CBSSports.com's Dennis Dodd about all the movement in College Football and what the future holds? What does the future holdfor the ACC and other conferences? Baumann also previews Falcons-Bucs with Sportstalkflorida.com's Bucs Insider Craig Smith. Baumann also recap all the thanksgiving NFL Games.


Dennis Dodd :

[audio:1080/davidbaumann/DB_11-23-12_Dodd.mp3|title= Dennis Dodd on David Baumann Show]

Craig Smith :

[audio:1080/davidbaumann/DB_11-23-12_Smith.mp3|title= Craig Smith on David Baumann Show]

David Baumann also talks about the controversy around the Texans-Lions recap:

[audio:1080/davidbaumann/db_11-23-12_hr1.mp3|title= Texans at Lions Recap]

David Baumann also finds out who is Cool Hand Luke? and why did Mike Shanahan compare RGIII to him? as well as little more Alice's Restaurant.

[audio:1080/davidbaumann/DB_11-23-12_HR2.mp3|title= Redskins at Cowboys Recap]

Baumann recaps Patriots-Jets :

[audio:1080/davidbaumann/DB_11-23-12_HR3.mp3|title= Patriots at Jets Recap]


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