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David Baumann Show 8-28-12

Local products Marquis Daniels (NBA) and Ian Williams (NFL) joined the show today to update the local audience on what's going on with their careers. Besides balling in the NBA, Daniels often takes his talents to the recording studio and "spits" new tracks on the regular. Out in SanFrancisco, Williams isbattlingfor one of 53 spots on the49ers roster.

Shannon Owens also joined to show to discuss the latest on female success in athletics.


Marquis Daniels:

[audio:1080/davidbaumann/Q6_DB_8-28-12.mp3|titles=Marquis Daniels]

Ian Williams:

[audio:1080/davidbaumann/Ian_Williams_DB_8-28-12.mp3|titles=Ian Williams]

Shannon Owens:

[audio:1080/davidbaumann/Shannon_Owens_DB_8-28-12.mp3|titles=Shannon Owens]

Entire Show:

[audio:1080/davidbaumann/DB_8-28-12.mp3|titles=Entire Show]



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