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Darryl Sutter On Preds "They Play The Same Way Over And Over"

Sutter_2013To hear Darryl Sutter explain it, the Nashville Predators are pretty predictable opponents.

They play the same way over and over, Sutter told LA Kings Insider following Thursdays 2-1 win at Bridgestone, and over and over and over and over and over.

Sutters as straight a shooter as it gets, and this statement while hilarious is also accurate. Nashville sticks to its gameplan as tight as anyone in the league, which is all a part of playing Predator hockey.

This isnt to say Predator hockey is a bad thing. Sutter did acknowledge how difficult Nashville can be to play against.

If they can break two or three guys will and force mistakes like they did tonight, and you dont have the goaltending to match them, he said, then theyll beat you.

Source: Mike Halford, NBC Sports, Pro Hockey Talk


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