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Dan Dierdorf retires after Saturday's Colts - Pats game

After 43 consecutive years in the National Football League as a Hall of Fame player for the St. Louis Cardinals and Hall of Fame broadcaster for CBS Sports and ABC Sports,Dan Dierdorfwill call the final game of his broadcasting career onSaturday, Jan. 11(8:00 PM, ET) in prime time as the AFC South Champions andNo. 4-seeded Indianapolis Colts(12-5)play the AFC East Champions andNo. 2-seeded New England Patriots (12-4). He will be joined in the booth by his long time CBS partner Greg Gumble.

I can honestly say that over nearly 30 years of talking with Dierdorf he is one of the nicest and most best analysts in the business. This week he and his boss Sean McManus talked about his career in broadcasting.

SEAN McMANUS, Chairman, CBS Sports:One of the great privileges of my career has been being able to work with Dan. I just literally hung up the phone withRoger Goodell, who is going to travel up to Foxborough, for among many reasons, to spend some time with Dan at his last game. We both agreed that there has never been a better person associated not just with the NFL, but with any sportIf you want to talk about someone who has been an ambassador and been a symbol for what the NFL represents at its best that person isDan Dierdorf.

(On his retirement from 30-year broadcasting career after a 13-year playing career)

DIERDORF:Its hard to believe that this is my last gameSaturdaynight, but wow, what a way to go. All I ever wanted to do was to work at CBS Sports. As a player I would look up at that banner, andPat SummerallandTom Brookshierwould be up there in the booth. I would think to myself, Wow, I would love for an opportunity to try and do that. What a way to go out with New England and Indianapolis.

(On career after broadcasting)

DIERDORF:Physically its just hard for me to travel 20 weeks a year and do my job the right way. I tell everybody, Im retiring Im not expiring. Ive got to find something to do. I love the NFL, and I love the game of football. Whether its radio just something that doesnt involve me having to go to the airport everyThursdayorFridayand be gone for three or four days. Im going to find something to do and you havent heard the last of me I hope.




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