USF Coach Taggart: “Hans Knows How Disappointed I Am”


During today’s AAC teleconference, USF Bulls head coach Willie Taggart spoke about spring football and current issues with his program and college football.

Spring recap:

“I thought we had a really good off season. Our guys came back with the right attitude and going into spring ball we saw a lot of improvements. Our football team is starting to come together and care about each other. One thing we have now that we didn’t have much of is competition and that is exciting and that’s the reason why we got a little better this spring.”

Coach Straub suspension:

“First off, I would like to say I’m so proud and so happy for Aaron Lynch…really excited. Its a dream come true for him and his parents and family, and we’re really excited for him. I thought that was big and I’m really, really happy for him and I hope he does a great job. Very disappointed in the tweet that you’re talking about and Hans knows how disappointed I am and so does the football team. Our administration is handling that.”

A couple guys were hurt in the spring. How are they progressing physically?

“They’re great, back in the swing of things and we’re really excited to see that. They’re doing well now and should be ready to roll come training camp.”

The 49ers drafted Aaron Lynch and I’m sure they have questions for you about him. What did you tell them?

“I told them how his time was here with me. It was a good time. I think from a character standpoint, Aaron wasn’t any different from any other kid. He didn’t live up to the expectations everyone wanted from him but I think we all know he has the talent to continue to grow. I’m exited that I got to coach him for a year, I wish he would’ve come back. I’m so excited to be able to see USF on there when he got drafted. It was awesome.”

Many of your players are on Twitter. How do you want staff and players to deal with social media?

“Well we always to talk to our players about it and how we go about doing it. We always tell our guys to think before they press send and we express that to our guys and we hope they learn from this.”

Many AAC teams have graduated quarterbacks. What is the biggest challenge in developing quarterbacks today?

“Part of it, you get a lot of really talented kids coming in and now you need some time to really develop them. Some guys you throw them in and its hard…they have to learn the ins and outs, not only with football, but with college. I think a big part of it is the work ethic. Being able to get your teammates to play for you. I always believe in competition and that helps a lot of people develop quicker.”

Jameis Winston’s dad talks about 24/7 monitoring for him. Whats’ your take on that?

“I think for some guys…a guy like Jameis, he’s a trophy winner and all the people that know him, he’s known throughout the whole country now and with social media, everything is magnified even more. That’s the coaches’ jobs as mentors, to teach them and mentor them.”