USF Coach Suspended for Tweet

And so the Twitter war continues. The war between opinions and social media, that is.

While many different sports leaders, players and coaches have made headlines recently for sharing their opinions via their own, personal social media accounts, now a local coach is feeling the sting. This time, the strength and conditioning coach for the USF Bulls has been suspended indefinitely for commenting on the NFL Draft via Twitter.

According to, Hans Straub tweeted just after former Bulls DE Aaron Lynch was picked by the San Francisco 49ers.

Screen Shot of Tweet from Josh Newberg
Screen Shot of Tweet from Josh Newberg

This tweet has since been deleted. Supposedly, this tweet was in reference to Lynch and his lack of performance. During his season at USF, he didn’t exactly play up to par and he was once a projected as a first round pick.

USF head coach Willie Taggart has a past with the Harbaugh family so it’s possible that he didn’t want to tarnish his relationship with them.

The details of coach Straub’s suspension has not yet been clearly defined.

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