Tuck: The Melting Pot Conference

The Big East name is going to the Catholic 7 schools.  I like that.  They are more identifiable with that name.  The issue now is renaming the conference that will consist of UCF, USF, Houston, SMU, Tulane, Temple, Memphis, East Carolina, Navy, and presumably UConn and Cincinnati.

My first and best suggestion is: The Melting Pot Conference.

Not only is it descriptive of what the conference has become, but also pays tribute to the United States and what our country is all about.  It also works for a conference without a true geography.

At first it might sound stupid, but really, just study all the conference names across the country.  There are 6 Bigs.  21 of the conferences in major college hoops reference geography.  Coming up with ideas won’t be the easiest thing, and you add in that things haven’t even settled yet only complicates things.  That’s why the Melting Pot works so well.

Other ideas:

The Deep South Conference

The Dixie Conference

The Gulf Coast Conference

The Gulf South Conference

Middle America Conference

Please feel free to leave your suggestions in the comment section below!