Tuck: Best Non-Conference College Football Games 2013

At first glance you’ll notice a lot of traditional rivalries, which of course must be included on this list.  You’ll also notice independents Notre Dame and BYU often, as they play every game “out of conference.”  The selection beyond those is somewhat disappointing this season I must say.  The kickoff weekend has a handful of very good, not great games, with the best being Georgia-Clemson (at least on paper).  Many of these games could be important for strength of schedule and conference bragging rights, but there doesn’t seem to be many (or any) that directly effect both teams chances at winning a national title.  Nonetheless, here is the best of the non-conference football games for the upcoming 2013 season.


Notre Dame at Stanford (November 30)

Georgia at Clemson (August 31)

Oklahoma at Notre Dame (September 28)

LSU vs. TCU (August 31 in Dallas)

Florida State at Florida (November 30)

South Carolina at Clemson (November 30)

Notre Dame at Michigan (September 7)

Wisconsin at Arizona State (September 14)

Ole Miss at Texas (September 14)

UCLA at Nebraska (September 14)

Florida at Miami (September 7)

Notre Dame vs. Arizona State (October 5 in Dallas)

Mississippi State vs. Oklahoma State (August 31 in Houston)

Texas at BYU (September 7)

USC at Notre Dame (October 19)

Michigan State at Notre Dame (September 21)

Boise State at BYU (October 25)

North Carolina at South Carolina (August 29)

Alabama vs. Virginia Tech (August 31 in Atlanta)

Boise State at Washington (August 31)

Tennessee at Oregon (September 14)

Ohio State at Cal (September 14)

BYU at Wisconsin (November 9)

Penn State at Syracuse (August 31 in East Rutherford)

Rutgers at Fresno State (August 29)

South Carolina at UCF (September 28)

Miami at USF (September 28)

UCF at Penn State (September 14)

Arkansas at Rutgers (September 21)

Georgia at Georgia Tech (November 30)