Taggart Invites Playmakers To Step It Up

USF head coach Willie TaggartUniversity of South Florida head coach Willie Taggart is on the lookout for playmakers.

Taggart has extended an open invitation to any of his players to let him know if they feel they can make a bigger contribution in helping the Bulls win.

Last week, tight end Mike McFarland answered that invitation, texting Taggart to say he thought he could be more useful in the passing game. The results were impressive.

Through the first four games, McFarland caught four passes for 54 total yards. In Saturday’s win against Cincinnati, McFarland nearly matched his season total, catching four passes for 49 yards.

“It was great, because guys started listening,” Taggart said. “I’ve been saying from Day One, ‘I want playmakers.’ Just come to me and say, ‘Coach call this play.’ But when you ask me for it, I expect you to take care of business.

Source: Michael Manganello, Tampa Tribune