Insider Show 08-17-12

Tonight on the Insider Show,USF Bulls Insider Patti McDonald,Tampa Bay Lightning Insider Mike Corcoran, FSU Seminoles Insider David Botello, and Executive Editor of Vince Maduri discussed the latest news regarding the Tampa Bay Rays, Buccaneers, Lightning, Orlando Magic,  USF Bulls, and the FSU Seminoles.  Listen below!!

Introducing the Show.

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Interview with Tampa Bay Buccaneers Insider Craig Smith.

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Call In Segment.

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Update On The USF Bulls With USF Bulls Insider Patti McDonald.

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Fantasy Football Conversation.

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Interview With NFL Insider Charlie Bernstein.

[audio:1040/081712 Segment 6.mp3|titles=Insiders Show 08-17-12 ACharlie Bernstein Interview]

Update On The FSU Seminoles With FSU Seminoles Insider David Botello.

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Show Wrap Up.

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