UCF’s Blake Bortles Ranks High in NFL Draft Talk

The Knights are living the dream as they prepare for their Fiesta Bowl match-up with Number 6 Baylor on January 1st. But aside from team accolades, star quarterback Blake Bortles has been among NFL draft conversation for his exceptional season.

Bortles is ranked at number 2 as an overall quarterback prospect by ESPN analyst Todd McShay.  His name has been at the top among other mock drafts as well. CBSSports.com has predicted that Bortles will go at number 7 to the Cleveland Browns, if he leaves school early.

A writer for Sports Illustrated has named Bortles as one of the fastest rising QBs in the first round.

One important step that has to happen before all of these predictions can come to life—Bortles has to make a decision. He says that he will not evaluate his draft options until after the Fiesta Bowl. He has already filled out the paperwork with the NFL Advisory Board to get a feel for the selection process.

Since Bortles is a fourth year junior, he must make his decision by January 15th.  His coaches obviously hope that his love and dedication to the Knights will continue for another season. Head Coach George O’Leary says that his love for his teammates has always been strong and he is confident that Bortles will make the decision that’s best for him.