UCF, Nike Unveil New Football Uniforms

UCF Football will get some new threads for its inaugural season in the Big East (or whatever it will be called).

The Knights will have three pants and three jerseys to mix and match for the 2013 season. This is the first change to the UCF wardrobe since 2010, its first season with Nike.

The uniforms are made from a template (as most schools’ uniforms are) that is not used by ant other program in the country.

The biggest change to the uniform is the black numbers replacing the gold numerals in the white jersey. The gold on white combination was often hard to read. The black will provide better contrast (and look better too).

The jersey will also feature, for the first time since head coach George O’Leary took over, black pants. That makes an all-black uniform possible (possibly for the Black Friday game vs. USF?).

The jerseys will also be designed and manufactured by Nike. The Knights’ old jerseys were designed by Nike, but manufactured by a third party, according to the Orlando Sentinel. That means the 2013 uniforms will be a better quality, which should be noticeable as they will look more similar to the current uniforms used in the NFL.

The uniforms will be delivered to UCF on July 1, the first day UCF will be a member of its next conference.

You can check out a full photo gallery at UCFathletics.com.