Tuck’s Top 25 College Football Poll Week 4

The Gators won another battle with Tennessee, but lost their QB Jeff Driskel for the season with a broken leg.  I am sure many Florida fans are probably hopeful that a change in quarterback will ignite the plodding offense.  Junior Tyler Murphy certainly didn’t embarrass himself on Saturday, helping Florida to the victory, but I have my doubts this will be an improvement.  I think what is obvious is that Florida desires to be a dominant running football team, but they are not.  Neither Matt Jones nor Mack Brown provide the explosive, big plays necessary to open up this Gators offense.  Both players are averaging under 4-yards per carry.  You see, what was most underrated about Boise State when now Gators OC Brent Peas worked there was that they could throw the football efficiently, and attack down-field, but it was all based around a powerful ground game with a variety of talented runners, like current Buccaneer tailback Doug Martin.

Florida just doesn’t get enough chunk plays on the ground to open up the offense more.  Perhaps one of the youngsters, like Kelvin Taylor will become the solution, but until then, Murphy just needs to play mistake-free, and take his shots to his receivers when the opportunities present themselves.  Florida’s defense will give them a chance in every game, but now they need more out of the running game than ever before with a less-experience quarterback running the show.



1. Alabama (3-0)

2. Oregon (3-0)

3. Clemson (4-0)

4. LSU (4-0)

5. Mississippi (4-0)

6. Washington (3-0)

7. UCLA (3-0)

8. Baylor (3-0)

9. Ohio State (4-0)

10. Fresno State (3-0)

11. Northwestern (4-0)

12.  FSU (3-0)

13. Oklahoma State (3-0)

14 Stanford (3-0)

15. Miami (3-0)

16. Texas Tech (4-0)

17. Michigan (4-0)

18. Oklahoma (3-0)

19. Georgia Tech (3-0)

20. Maryland (4-0)

21. Texas A&M (3-1)

22. Georgia (3-1)

23. South Carolina (3-1)

24. Louisville (4-0)

25. UCF (3-0)


– There is never a terrible Saturday of college football, but this weekend came close with mismatches and blowouts all over America.  And what was up with all the rain???

– BCS Busters: Fresno State is the obvious front-runner at this moment, but somewhat amazingly only two others remain unbeaten.  Navy and Northern Illinois.  Remember however, crashing the BCS party is easier than ever before, and going unbeaten isn’t necessary.

– Pretty cool gesture by the Bruins, playing at home, honoring the late Nick Pasquale by playing with 10 players on the first play of the game.

– I can’t get over how much better LSU QB Zach Mettenberger looks this season.  A late bloomer I suppose.

– Every Notre Dame fan is probably wondering why this Michigan team didn’t show up to play two weeks ago.  The Wolverines have barely scraped by in beating Akron and UConn.  I guess if you’re going to have 8 turnovers in 2 games, do it against a weaker team that can’t quite take advantage of it.

– You realize Baylor is the first team since Oklahoma in 2008 to score 60 in three straight games (69, 70, 70)?  Even against sisters of the poor that is pretty impressive.

– Texas A&M and South Carolina’s SEC Title game hopes probably hinge on the Georgia-LSU game this weekend.

– I’ve probably narrowed my Heisman list down to 50 or so players.  Most surprising?  How about senior, back-up Ohio State quarterback Kenny Guiton, who just broke the school record with 6 touchdown passes…in the first half, this past weekend against FAMU.