Tuck: Final 2013-14 College Football Poll

The best thing about the final poll is that is matters the most and the least. It indicates a conclusion.  A finalization of the season and ranking that will stand-up against the test of time. It won’t matter that Alabama spent almost all year at #1, when you look back at 2013 you’ll see them as #7.  It’s concrete.  No more games or moving pieces.

It also is the least important poll because the only real spot that matters is the top one.  FSU is the champ.  After that it’s just garnish and window dressing.

The bowls add to the confusion. How much stock to put into them?  Do you punish a good team for losing against a tougher opponent and reward lesser teams for winning against weaker foes?  It really doesn’t matter much.  You can spawn plenty of debate because of the many cross-matches and head-2-head games.

Oklahoma for example.  They lost to Baylor, badly.  They also beat Oklahoma State and Alabama to close out the year. Arizona State laid an egg in their bowl game after losing to Stanford in the Pac-12 Title game.  They also crushed UCLA and USC and Washington. UCF and Louisville each finished with just one loss, but how do you compare them to some of the major conference teams?

Like any power poll in pro sports or the top 25 in hoops, it doesn’t matter a whole lot.  Next year, I may do 25, or I may just focus on the Top 4 and the next 3-4-5 on the cusp of making the playoff.  That’s truly what matters.

This is fun to do, but does become a headache to sort through.  I do it though because I enjoy it and like ripping on the major polls which seem (at times) to put little to know effort into it.


1. FSU (14-0)

2. Auburn (12-2)

3. Michigan State (13-1)

4. South Carolina (11-2) 

5. Missouri (12-2)

6. Oklahoma (11-2)

7. Alabama (11-2)

8. Stanford (11-3)

9. Oregon (11-2)

10. Clemson (11-2)

11. Ohio State (12-2)

12. UCF (12-1)

13. LSU (10-3)

14. Baylor (11-2) 

15. Arizona State (10-4)

16. UCLA (10-3)

17. Louisville (12-1)

18. Oklahoma State (10-3)

19. Washington (9-4)

20. Wisconsin (9-4)

21. Texas A&M (9-4)

22. Duke (10-4)

23. Notre Dame (9-4)

24. USC (10-4)

25. Nebraska (9-4)

Quick thoughts:

I’d rank last night’s title game as the second best in the BCS-era behind Texas-USC and just ahead of Ohio State-Miami.

I’d rank this Seminoles team as the 3rd best team in the BCS-era just behind 2001 Miami and 2004 USC and just ahead of 2005 Texas and 2009 Alabama.

Good-bye BCS.  You were a necessary evil to get us to a playoff, I just don’t know why it took so long.

We hated the BCS selection process more than we ever hated the title game it gave us. We may not have agreed on who should be playing, but we always enjoyed having the game.

Can’t wait until next year!