Tuck: BCS Bowl Predictions

These are my predictions of the BCS match-ups I believe we will have this year.  I will include why I see each scenario playing out below.


ORANGE BOWL- The Orange will have the first choice after losing FSU to the BCS Title game.  They will take the Tide unquestionably.  They are likely to remain loyal to their ACC partners by taking Clemson, passing on a game fans would prefer with Bama facing Oregon.



FIESTA BOWL- I believe Northern Illinois will lose, making UCF the final choice in the selection process.  The Fiesta could and probably will try to convince the Sugar Bowl to take UCF so the Fiesta can have a better regional, and more entertaining game of Oklahoma State-Oregon, but I don’t see that working.  The Cowboys represent the Big XII.






SUGAR BOWL– I like Mizzou to win the SEC Title game.  I would rank them ahead of the Buckeyes, but I am in the minority I believe.  The Sugar could take Baylor or the Ducks based on my predictions, and I am not entirely sure what they’ll choose, but I am guessing they go with the bigger “brand” in Oregon.




ROSE BOWL- The Sun Devils have been dominant at home this year, and I believe they’ll get pay-back knocking off Stanford for the Pac-12 Title.  As long as the Spartans aren’t blown out by Ohio State, I think they’ll remain ranked in the top 14, and be the easy choice to be a Big Ten team in the Rose.




BCS CHAMPIONSHIP- In a year that has seemingly come undone in the final month, I believe we’ll have relative peace this final weekend.  FSU will be way too much for Duke.  Ohio State will be tested, but I like Urban Meyer and Braxton Miller to assure the Buckeyes get their chance to prove if 24-0 is legit as it looks on paper.



Just so all is clear:

The Big XII could be won by Oklahoma State, Baylor, or Texas still.

The SEC can only get 2 teams based on the current rules.  Alabama will be one of them.  Missouri or Auburn will be the other.

Duke will go to the Orange Bowl if they upset FSU.  FSU almost positively would still be BCS-bound, knocking out Clemson.

Northern Illinois will be in the Fiesta Bowl with a win tonight.

Oklahoma is the only team outside the top 14 that I think still has a chance.


Enjoy the final weekend.  I know I will!