Polk County DB Drops Kentucky, Likes UCF, UGA and MSU

TAMPA — Marcus Walker might be the best unknown prospect in the southeast.

At 6-foot-2, 190 pounds, the junior from Lake Wales has the perfect size to be an impact free safety at a major FBS/Playoff-eligible program. He quietly committed to Kentucky in early January and made his decommitment from the program with even less fanfare two weeks ago (ESPN still has him listed as a commitment).

Two weeks ago Walker was anything but quiet as he nabbed the MVP award in the AIRO 7v7 North Florida Tournament. He grabbed six interceptions in that tournament and further cemented his spot in this class.

“He’s one of the most underrated players in the state, possibly this most underrated,” said noted scout Charles Fishbein. “His ball skills, his range, his ability to diagnose a play and read the quarterback are all at an elite level.”

With the decommitment Walker says he probably made a commitment a little early and is looking forward to checking out a few other programs.

“Right now I would say Michigan State, Georgia and UCF are heavily in the mix,” Walker said. “Kentucky is out there, not really sure right now but I’m going to keep in touch.

“Tennessee is a program that’s talking to me a little bit and they can certainly jump in the mix.”

Walker elaborated on the new programs in his top group:

Michigan State: “I like the style of football they play. It’s a tough brand of football and the players that come out of the program are tough and highly-regarded. The coaching staff is great, they just won a Rose Bowl.”

Georgia: “The Bulldogs have been one of my favorite schools for a long time. That’s an offer I’m going to work hard to get because they put defensive backs on the map.”

UCF: “UCF is a lot like Kentucky but they are a bit better program. It’s close to home and they are playing big-time football right now. There’s good competition there too and they will play the younger guys.”

Walker is going to participate in Michigan State’s camp over the summer and also make a visit to Georgia. He’s been to UCF a couple of times already and would likely take one or two more trips over the summer.

As for the next decision, Walker said it could happen over the summer or in the fall. But the next decision will be his final one.

“When I make the decision next time there won’t be any looking back,” Walker added.

Walker is an honors student and fully qualified.