Insider: Rompza, Jordan Face NCAA Eligibility Issues

Knights guards AJ Rompza and Jeff Jordan were held out of the teams exhibition game saturday night against West Virginia Tech due to NCAA eligibility issues.
” A.J. Rompza and Jeff Jordan are being withheld from competition pending resolution of NCAA eligibility matters.” UCF said in Press release. “These two matters are not related and involve seperate eligibility issues. Until the NCAA renders its decision on these matters, there will be no further comment.”

The Knights program is currently  going under NCAA investigation for possible recruiting violations. ESPN.Com and New York Times reported that Ken Caldwell who is a mentor of Rompza reported that Caldwell acted as a runner, a middle man between getting players to  go to UCF Basketball and football programs. ESPN and New York Times also suggested that Caldwell represented himself  as a representative of the university which also be a NCAA violation. It is not known when the NCAA will announce its findings although with the season just one week away. I would  not be surprised if the findings come out this week.

Rompza and Jordan were not only players that missed the exhibition as Jeff Jordan’s brother Marcus Jordan along with P.J.Gaynor and Josh Crittle  also  did not play due to an undisclosed  team violation.  The Knights open the regular season saturday November 12th at UC at 5pm against St Thomas