Former UCF QB Blake Bortles On His NFL Future

Earlier today on The Mariotti Show, former UCF QB Blake Bortles joined the show to talk all things NFL with Ryan Bass who is filling in for Jay.UCF_Blake_Bortles_2014

Why you should listen: Blake talked about the decision to leave UCF and how difficult that was. Blake goes on to talk about his preparation for the upcoming NFL Combine and what he’s doing to be ready. Blake also talks about potentially being the number 1 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft and what that would mean to only himself but UCF as well. Before the interview ended, Blake talked about UCF’s Fiesta Bowl victory and how special a moment that was for him, his teammates and the fans. Blake also gave his thoughts on Michael Sam coming out.

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Blake Bortles on The Mariotti Show: February 11, 2014 

Ryan Bass: Describe how the last month has been?

Blake Bortles: “It’s been kinda crazy. Back to the Fiesta Bowl, it was a great season and a great journey. I’m out here now just training every day.”

Ryan Bass: “Take me through that daily process with the combine. What’s California like?”

“Wake up at 6, meeting, speed session at 9:30, lunch, another speed session at 12:30. Making sure footwork looks good.”

Ryan Bass: “What factors will go into whether you will throw in the combine?”

Blake Bortles: “I don’t know I’m just preparing for everything at the combine.”

Ryan Bass: “What factors could change your decision?”

Blake Bortles: “Right timing, making sure I’m 100% to throw.”

Ryan Bass: “What are you looking forward to improving at the combine?”

Blake Bortles: “I think guys want to see how you do, how you handle things, see how you do with guys you don’t know.”

Ryan Bass: “Have you got a chance to talk to Teddy Bridgewater or Johnny Manziel, have you seen theem?”

Blake Bortles: “Teddy is out here but I haven’t gotten a chance to talk to him, I haven’t been in contact. I’m sure they’re preparing just like I am.”

Ryan Bass: “Whats your message to the Texans regarding #1 pick?”

Blake Bortles: “It comes down to being trustworthy, making sure I’m gonna represent my family’s name and the organization well.”

Ryan Bass: “What would it mean to you to be taken #1 over all?”

Blake Bortles: “That’s huge. I think as far as UCF goes, that’s big. I think being picked no. 1 would be good for UCF, Orlando, etc.”

Ryan Bass: “What was your best moment of this year?”

Blake Bortles: “There was a lot. Winning the Fiesta Bowl. It was a once in a lifetime thing. It was a big game and we were underdogs.”

Ryan Bass: “You had a chance to play against Micahel Sam. What’s your thoughts on him coming out?”

Blake Bortles: “He’s a great football player. It doesn’t matter, it’s not my thing. He’s gonna work his butt off and do what he does.”

Ryan Bass: “Had a UCF player come out, how would they handle it?”

Blake Bortles: “I’m sure we would have handled it the same way as the NFL did. As long as he’s doing what he’s supposed to do as far as football responsibility, I couldn’t care less.”

Ryan Bass: “Regardless if you go #1 overall, wherever you go, what’s that feeling gonna be like when you get drafted?”

Blake Bortles: “That’s gonna be a special event. There’s been a lot for me to check off as far as goals and it’ll be a special moment.”