Bucs Met With Manziel, Bortles At Combine

Bortles UCF

Buccaneers head coach Lovie Smith said that he would consider drafting a quarterback because he and general manager Jason Licht aren’t content with Mike Glennon at the helm of their ship this year.

On Monday, they met with two of the biggest quarterbacks coming out of this year’s draft: UCF’s Blake Bortles and Teaxs A&M’s Johnny Manziel, according to Leo Howell of the Pewter Plank. The Orlando Sentinel reports that the Bucs were one of eight teams to meet with Bortles.

Mike Glennon did okay as the Bucs quarterback last year when he took over for Josh Freeman early in the season. In fact, he’s under rated to an extent. People don’t realize that as far as rookies go, he is one of the best — better than some of the now veterans of the game in their rookie season. Especially under the circumstances, taking over for a struggling quarterback for the season.

But is it really necessary for the Bucs  to go out and get another quarterback? Let’s look at the facts…

Glennon rounded out the season with an 83.9 passer rating. He threw for 2,608 yards, with 19 touchdowns and 9 interceptions. His completion percentage wasn’t that great, at 59.4%. Oddly enough, his second best game passing last season was in Seattle. Ultimately the Bucs defense blew that one. Glennon managed to complete 73.9% of his passes that game. His best was at home against the Falcons, when he put up an 87% passing completion percentage.

Johnny Manziel? Threw for 4,114 yards in his latest season with Texas A&M. He completed 69.9% of his passes, with 37 touchdowns and 13 interceptions.

What about Blake Bortles? He threw for 3,581 yards, completed 67.8% of his passes, and had 25 touchdowns and 9 interceptions in 2013. He’s also considered a top 5 draft pick. The Texans are considering drafting him in the first round. Bortles actually talked to Ryan Bass a few weeks ago on Sports Talk 1040 The Team about being in such a position. You can listen to that interview here.

When all is said and done, Blake Bortles and Johnny Manziel bay be able to do better than Glennon, but the Bucs don’t need to “replace” him. At the very least, make him second string behind which ever one they might draft. Either way you slice it, it’s gonna be an ongoing debate until the draft is over…and then some.