Bortles Has a Lot to Overcome In Order to Succeed with Jaguars

Blake Bortles Jaguars

Blake Bortles is the new franchise quarterback in Jacksonville and expectations are rising for him as the season approaches. Bortles is the type of player that the team needs and he’s good at his job, but his success does not rely on his own performance.

Sounds crazy, right? Let me remind you of something that still remains with Jaguar fans. Three years ago, the team drafted QB Blaine Gabbert from Missouri as the No. 10 pick. He eventually was given the starting role and played fairly well. Overall, his rookie season wasn’t that great.

Compare that situation to this one, and it’s almost identical. The team uses their top-ten pick on an awesome quarterback, in hopes they will save the team and lead the city to victory. This time, the Jags have no reason not to do just that.

Bortles’ fate has almost already been decided for him, without even playing a down in the league yet. Fans are already moaning, “and so it begins again…” How fair is that?

But, let’s think positively. Bortles is capable of doing what he has been brought in to do. He’s an excellent player, a genuine person, and a professional leader. While most of the “success” that he will be judged by, is defined by elements he cannot control, his ultimate success is achievable by him and him alone.

It’s a process. A tough one, at that. I have no doubt that Bortles will do what he can to perform at his best and go from there.

That’s all that Jacksonville fans can ask for.