Blake Bortles Stays Tuned in with UCF QBs

Bortles UCF

Former UCF QB Blake Bortles is spending his time in California preparing for the NFL Draft, which is a difficult process that takes up most of his day.

Back home in Orlando, three young quarterbacks are using their days to prepare for a chance to replace Bortles. Sophomore Justin Holman, redshirt freshman Pete DiNovo and true freshman Tyler Harris will all try for the starting job in the spring.

Bortles said he plans to keep an eye on the competition, and he is always a resource for all three young players.

“Actually all three, Pete, Justin and Tyler Harris all reached out to me,” Bortles said in a phone interview with the Sentinel on Monday night. “I told all of them, ‘I don’t have a horse in this race, I don’t care who starts, I just want to help you. You’re never a burden on me or annoying me.’ I wish I had somebody to text when I was there. I had Rob Calabrese, so I could call Rob and ask Rob. But [I told them], ‘Anytime something pops up and you have a question or need help, don’t hesitate to call or text.’ All three have, so it’s been good.”

Bortles will know who has been selected as his replacement before his name is called in May’s NFL Draft.

Knights’ coach George O’Leary is confident that he will name a starting quarterback coming out of spring practice.

Holman and DiNovo are the early frontrunners due to their experience in the system, but Harris is working hard to catch up and may have the strongest arm of the three.

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