Blake Bortles One On One Interview

Bortles UCF

UCF quarterback Blake Bortles, a potential number 1 draft pick, joined Ryan Bass on the Mariotti Show. For full audio, click here.

Ryan Bass: Describe how the last month has been?

Blake Bortles: “It’s been kinda crazy. Back to the Fiesta Bowl, it was a great season and a great journey. I’m out here now just training every day.”

Ryan Bass: “Take me through that daily process with the combine. What’s California like?”

“Wake up at 6, meeting, speed session at 9:30, lunch, another speed session at 12:30. Making sure footwork looks good.”

Ryan Bass: “What factors will go into whether you will throw in the combine?”

Blake Bortles: “I don’t know I’m just preparing for everything at the combine.”

Ryan Bass: “What factors could change your decision?”

Blake Bortles: “Right timing, making sure I’m 100% to throw.”

Ryan Bass: “What are you looking forward to improving at the combine?”

Blake Bortles: “I think guys want to see how you do, how you handle things, see how you do with guys you don’t know.”

Ryan Bass: “Have you got a chance to talk to Teddy Bridgewater or Johnny Manziel, have you seen theem?”

Blake Bortles: “Teddy is out here but I haven’t gotten a chance to talk to him, I haven’t been in contact. I’m sure they’re preparing just like I am.”

Ryan Bass: “Whats your message to the Texans regarding #1 pick?”

Blake Bortles: “It comes down to being trustworthy, making sure I’m gonna represent my family’s name and the organization well.”

Ryan Bass: “What would it mean to you to be taken #1 over all?”

Blake Bortles: “That’s huge. I think as far as UCF goes, that’s big. I think being picked no. 1 would be good for UCF, Orlando, etc.”

Ryan Bass: “What was your best moment of this year?”

Blake Bortles: “There was a lot. Winning the Fiesta Bowl. It was a once in a lifetime thing. It was a big game and we were underdogs.”

Ryan Bass: “You had a chance to play against Micahel Sam. What’s your thoughts on him coming out?”

Blake Bortles: “He’s a great football player. It doesn’t matter, it’s not my thing. He’s gonna work his butt off and do what he does.”

Ryan Bass: “Had a UCF player come out, how would they handle it?”

Blake Bortles: “I’m sure we would have handled it the same way as the NFL did. As long as he’s doing what he’s supposed to do as far as football responsibility, I couldn’t care less.”

Ryan Bass: “Regardless if you go #1 overall, wherever you go, what’s that feeling gonna be like when you get drafted?”

Blake Bortles: “That’s gonna be a special event. There’s been a lot for me to check off as far as goals and it’ll be a special moment.”