Winston to Win Heisman by Historic Margin

Can “Famous Jameis” get even more famous? Florida State’s star quarterback has been making headlines for his legal situation, but more importantly for his stellar performance on the football field. He led the Seminoles to an undefeated season and he will lead them in the BCS National Championship game next month. measures voting margins for the Heisman Trophy based on the percentage of points possible. In 2005, Reggie Bush, USC running back, won the trophy (it was later taken away from him) and he had 2,541 points out of the possible 2,769, or 91.77%.  The following year, Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith racked up 91.63% of points possible, marked as the second-highest margin of victory.

Since these two winners, no other Heisman winner has earned more than 86 percent of possible points. This year, Winston is said to rank among the top 3 all-time voting margin, with a projected 95.2% possible points. He is the only candidate who has dominated in a consistent and efficient way to lead his undefeated team to the national title contest.

The one thing that stands in the way of Winston’s win is the choice of SEC voters. SEC favorites like Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron and Auburn running back Tre Mason are big contenders who may steal votes from Winston.

The Heisman Trust no longer allows voters to share their ballots before the announcement so fans have to rely on stats and predictions for Saturday’s trophy winner, who will be announced this Saturday on ESPN.

The last ACC player to win the Heisman was Florida State QB Chris Weinke back in 2000.