What’s On The Agenda for SEC Spring Meetings?


The SEC will hold their spring meetings this week and it’s almost certain that self-government will be a topic of discussion.

Per College Football Talk, SEC commissioner Mike Silver said that they support autonomy.

“Our presidents and chancellors have unanimously supported this effort to create autonomy in these areas that are related to student-athletes, so I anticipate that we will continue to support it. And I do anticipate that we will also want to see that the proposed model is modified so that that autonomy really means autonomy, that the five conferences can determine how their own legislative process will work.”

Many conferences are all for this idea of freedom from another governing body. Just last week, the Pac-12 gathered the other power conferences to try and agree to reform measures to ensure that autonomy reigns among them.

But, not everyone likes this idea. Boise State president doesn’t believe in the “Big 5” conferences.

Nonetheless, a proposal is expected to be voted upon by the NCAA’s board of directors later this summer. If voted in, 65 schools would move to the next stage and get closer to autonomy.

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