Tuck: Don’t Call It A Comeback

So you’re favorite school is coming off a down year?  Or maybe, they are coming off a successful year based on the year before the team stunk?  If you feel like you’re building to something big, and nobody will listen to you, don’t feel bad.  They probably won’t recognize your argument until everyone else does during the year.

Over the last 11 years, teams have come out of nowhere to play in the BCS title game.  Some were more obvious, some less.  But the point is out of 22 teams playing for the national title, 8 of them had 3 losses or more in the previous season.

2012 Notre Dame– 5 losses in 2011

2011 Alabama– 3 losses in 2010

2010 Auburn– 5 losses in 2009

2008 Florida– 4 losses and Oklahoma 3 losses in 2007

2006 Florida– 3 losses in 2005

2003 LSU– 4 losses in 2002

2002- Ohio State– 4 losses in 2001


In this year’s Coach’s Poll starting with LSU at #13, the rest of the top 25 minus Boise State at #19 had 3 losses or more last year.  It would be almost a 40% chance one of the BCS title game teams will come from that group of 12 teams.  Just something to think about.