Tuck: BCS Title Rematches Unnecessary

LSU is #1.  They beat current BCS #3 Alabama and #4 Oregon already this season.  Should those teams have another shot at the Tigers?

That is the question many people have already and will continue to address as the season moves forward.  I don’t think that is the correct question to ask however.

I believe the question should be: Should LSU have to beat a team they’ve already proved they can beat again?

College football is not set up the same way the NFL is.  First, and most obviously, they don’t have a playoff.  Secondly, and also obviously, there are 120 teams compared to 32.   That changes the dynamic incredibly.  It becomes impossible to have equittable schedules.  If records set up a rematch in a conference title game, then so be it.  That is closer to an NFL model where you are dealing with limited teams and rematches happen.  12 in a college conference, 16 in an NFL conference.

But, on a national scale, you rarely if ever see rematches, unless by bowl assignments and commitments.  And why would you really want to?  Like movies, sequels fail to live up to the original most of the time.

It’s not that I think Alabama or Oregon can’t beat LSU.  Of course they could.  It’s that I don’t think LSU needs to beat someone they’ve already beaten again.  I think someone else on equal footing should get their crack.

Sometimes we think the semifinal match-up in a sport is the de facto championship because we think those are the two best teams.  So how silly would it be to say, “Play it again!” instead of allowing the winner of the other semifinal get their shot?

If college football had a playoff I’d have no problem seeing Alabama or Oregon creating a scenario where they get a chance for payback.  As is, I feel they had their chance.  I’d be more comfortable seeing LSU play Oklahoma (as Big XII champ) or even ACC Champ (Clemson or Virginia Tech).

Naturally, LSU and Oklahoma State could both keep winning and make the subject mute.  Then again, LSU could lose and then they could potentially complain about one of the teams they beat getting in the BCS title game ahead of them.  Or both the Tigers and Cowboys could lose and create an even bigger mess.

I guess that’s why I am addressing the rematch scenario now.  The only bigger mess that what this BCS Championship could become is this season’s Heisman race without a clear front-runner.

Tuck’s Top Twelve

1. LSU
2. Oklahoma State
3. Oklahoma
4. Oregon
5. Boise State
6. Alabama
7. Arkansas
8. Clemson
9. Virginia Tech
10. Houston
11. Stanford
12. Kansas State


This is shaping up to be one of the most unusual races ever.  There are good players, but nobody seems to deserve winning college football’s highest honor right now.  Let me make that clear, I can’t strongly behind anyone.  And I’d argue against anyone that does believe one guy is well ahead of the others.  But I will rank them how I see them at this hour.

1) QB Kellen Moore, Boise State- It wasn’t his fault they lost to TCU, and 46-3 career isn’t anything to hang your head over.

2) RB Trent Richardson, Alabama- Wasn’t his fault they lost to LSU, and I am not sure Alabama could score 20 without him.

3) QB Case Keenum, Houston- Not his fault his opponents are a miserable 32-52 this season, plus he does hold every career passing record.

4) QB Colin Klein, Kansas State- Not his fault his teammates aren’t as good and they’ve lost twice, plus he does EVERYTHING for this offense.

5) WR Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State- Not his fault he doesn’t play QB or RB, and his teammate Brandon Weeden gets more credit because he throws the ball.