Topics to Be Covered in SEC Spring Meetings

On tap for this week are the SEC spring meetings in Destin, FL. There are quite a few topics to be covered and the biggest one of them all is autonomy.

According to College Football Talk, there is a big proposal on the table, involving the power conferences, that would allow for them to make decisions on their own.

The SEC is expected to focus on this subject during their meetings this week, as well as scholarship money for student-athletes, and what to do with their extra allowances.

SEC Commissioner Mike Slive told the Associated Press that most everyone is on board with the proposal.

“Our presidents and chancellors have unanimously supported this effort to create autonomy in these areas that are related to student-athletes, so I anticipate that we will continue to support it, and I do anticipate that we will also want to see that the proposed model is modified so that that autonomy really means autonomy, that the five conferences can determine how their own legislative process will work.”

Also on the table this week will be discussing the launch of the SEC Network, that is scheduled to debut later this summer.

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