SEC Votes for Early Signing Period


During the SEC’s annual spring meetings this week, the conference voted unanimously for an early signing period that would take place the Monday after Thanksgiving. Currently, National Signing Day is the first Wednesday of February.

According to College Football Talk, this early signing day would only be for one day and it would only be for recruits who had not yet taken official visits.

This would prevent players from having to deal with the entire recruiting process for months, if they already have their mind set on the school they want to attend.

But, here’s the confusing part. The vote was unanimous. However, not everyone agreed that there should even be an early signing period. The conference as a whole voted on the actual date, if there is to be an early signing day.

Their biggest fear is letting recruiting take over the season and getting in the way of coaching the team.

College Football Talk says that SEC Commissioner Mike Slive says he is not in favor of the early signing day. He wants to keep it in February.

The ACC wants signing day to be on August 1st.

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