SEC to Require Schools to Face Other Power Conferences


The SEC has decided to stick with their eight-game schedule instead of transitioning to nine. But, they have made a different change that could be for the better.

According to College Football Talk, the SEC will now require that members of the conference must schedule at least one opponent from the other power conferences– ACC, Pac-12, and Big Ten–annually.

This is exciting for teams that have non-conference rivals and it will encourage the start of new ones.

Some schools won’t need to make changes since teams like Florida State and South Carolina already have games on the schedule with other conference teams.

SEC Commissioner Mike Slive told College Football Talk that this rule change did not happen overnight.

“This has been a thoughtful and deliberative process that has resulted in maintaining the current format and adds a provision that will bolster our collective annual non-conference schedule.”

It may seem like the SEC is trying to have full control over their schools but this change is a positive one and it should excite fans from all conferences.

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