SEC Announces Schedule Rotation

Earlier this month, the SEC decided to stay at an eight-game conference schedule. Now, they are announcing the schedule rotation through the 2025 season.

According to College Football Talk, the permanent opponents are:

        • Alabama-Tennessee
        • Auburn-Georgia
        • Florida-LSU
        • Kentucky-Mississippi State
        • Ole Miss-Vanderbilt
        • South Carolina-Texas A&M


Today, they announced the rotation opponents for 2014-2025. Here is a look at what the Florida Gators have in store.

2014 at Alabama

2015 vs. Ole Miss

2016 at Arkansas

2017 vs. Texas A&M

2018 at Mississippi State

2019 vs. Auburn

2020 at Ole Miss

2021 vs. Alabama

2022 at Texas A&M

2023 vs. Arkansas

2024 at Auburn

2025 vs. Mississippi State

(Permanent opponents in 2014: Home – Kentucky, Missouri, South Carolina, LSU; Away – Georgia, Tennessee, Vanderbilt. Sites alternate home and away through 2025.)

For the full SEC rotation schedule, visit: John Taylor, College Football Talk