New SEC Schedule Leaves Questions for ACC

The SEC recently decided to keep their eight-game schedule. They also made it a rule that SEC members must schedule games with other power conferences. Well, this decision has helped fill the holes in other conferences’ schedules, but the ACC is lagging a bit.

According to’s Heather Dinich, the ACC is the only conference among the Power Five that has not yet determined it’s future conference schedule. This is due in part because the ADs throughout the ACC can’t make a decision . also spoke with every athletic director in the ACC and they found out that each school feels differently in regards to a preference of schedule. Some universities prefer a nine-game season, while others like the eight.

Luckily, spring meetings for the ACC are right around the corner. Obviously, no vote is totally guaranteed but hopefully they can at least get closer to getting on the same page.

Miami AD Blake James told that he prefers a nine-game schedule and he thinks it would help the conference.

But, others disagree. Clemson and Duke like the eight games.

The ACC has not been clear on whether they will officially take a vote during spring meetings but they do know that this is an important topic.

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