NCAA Criticized for “Power Shifting”


Not everyone agrees with the “power conference” label that has been stamped on the Big 5 universities in the NCAA.

The Boise State president is not happy with the recent power shift that the NCAA has created. He is criticizing them for “orchestrating big-money conferences.” According to, president Bob Kustra wrote a letter to express his hatred.

“The NCAA cannot fall prey to phony arguments about student welfare when the real goal of some of these so-called reformers is create a plutocracy that serves no useful purpose in American higher education.”

He’s not the only one who feels this way. Even though the Pac-12 is considered to be a power school, they are trying to get fellow superpowers (ACC, SEC, Big Ten, Big 12) to help propose reform.

According to College Football Talk, Kustra is against this reform because he wants to prevent money being controlled by the big conferences. He thinks that money is the focus and academics are not even being considered.

Isn’t money always the focus?

Kustra says it’s time for the NCAA to take a stand for “fiscal responsibility and the rightful place of intercollegiate athletics in American higher education…”

Kustra may have a point but is he just hoping for a seat at the big kids’ table? He once tried to join the Big East, with hopes it would become a power conference, and then he changed his mind.

For now, Boise State remains in the Mountain West.