J.C. Copeland Wants to Kill People, Thanks God and ‘Isn’t Worried About Sh*t’

Most of the time, college all-star games can be a tad bit on the boring side. The offensive play-calling is rather basic, there are typically fumbles galore, and no pressing by defensive backs or blitzing on defense.

So unless you’re a self-proclaimed draftnik or desperately clinging to the final remnants of football this lonely winter, you probably didn’t catch this interview with ESPN’s Quint Kessenich and LSU fullback J.C. Copeland after the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl game.

It was one of the most entertaining post-game interviews seen in a while, and we’ve posted the video and transcribed it in verbatim for your reading, viewing and listening pleasure.

Kessenich: We’re going to let this man catch his breath. They’re working you hard tonight, J.C.

Copeland: Oh I’m a workhorse baby, you’ve gotta work me. You’ve got to.

Kessenich: So they called that iso to the right. And you line up. What happens next?

Copeland: Oh I’m trying to knock somebody out. I’m trying to. Like I told you in that interview out here, I’m trying to punish somebody. You get in my way, I’m going to kill you today, I’m telling you. This game…this ain’t no practice out here. It’s time to hit people.

Kessenich: How do you best describe what you were able to do tonight — two touchdowns and that block?

Copeland: Man, No. 1, I thank God, you know what I’m saying? I want to thank my family that’s behind me back at home that’s supporting me every day. And my beautiful fiancé. I love you, Katie, no matter what. And then just God, you know? Just being able to do what I do out here on the field and not worrying about sh*t. Excuse me…just believe in the Lord. Excuse me.

Copeland finished with two touchdowns to lead Team National to a 31-17 victory over the American squad, and he was named MVP.

Of course the award doesn’t even begin to cover how terrifyingly amazing that post-game interview was, minus the on-air expletive, which ESPN will certainly have to issue an apology for.