Inexperienced QBs Drown the SEC in 2014

We all know about the conference that has been dubbed “the best of the best” and the “most dominant.”

Yes, I’m talking about the SEC. But there is something plaguing the conference this year and it could be a bigger deal than most people think.

I’m talking about the quarterbacks. This year, almost every QB in the SEC is inexperienced. Here’s a breakdown, provided by ESPN.


Let’s start with the least experienced of the bunch– Hutson Mason at Georgia. Mason was recently named the starting quarterback in Athens and his role comes after being on the team for four years.

The bulldogs are ranked No. 12 right now, and they open the season against No. 16 Clemson. You can bet that all eyes will be on the fifth-year senior. As pointed out in the tweet, Mason has only started two games.

Mason is filling some pretty big shoes. Aaron Murray led the team to the top of the SEC and broke many SEC passing records. Now, It’s time for Mason to step up.

South Carolina

The Gamecocks will be led by Dylan Thompson this year, a player who has only 3 starts under his belt. He got his first taste of game action as redshirt sophomore and ever since then, he’s worked hard to get the starting role.

After waiting behind Connor Shaw for three seasons, Thompson will get the job to lead a top ten team, in hopes to win the first SEC championship in school history. Thompson tells ESPN’s Greg Ostendorf that he’s just excited for the opportunity.


The Volunteers will be utilizing the skills of Justin Worley this season and lucky for them, he has a little more experience then the others I’ve mentioned.

As pointed out by ESPN, Worley has started 10 games. He’s a senior this year and coach Butch Jones has said that he’s playing the best football of his career right now, giving the Vols an opportunity to win.

Per CBS Sports, Worley beat out Nathan Peterman and Joshua Dobbs for the starting role. After a season of very inconsistent QB play, the job was up for grabs. Now, Worley’s in charge of hopefully leading the team to success this season.


The Gators had a terrible season last year, they went 4-8 if you forgot…If you also forgot about their quarterback situation, you’re out of luck because it’s time to move on.

Staring the Gators in the face is the chance to redeem themselves. Who better to do that than Jeff Driskel? He has more experience than most current QBs in the SEC, with 15 total starts. Is he just what Florida needs to move forward?

It’s possible. Florida ended fall camp just one day ago and offensive coordinator Kurt Roper is confident because Driskel is confident.

That’s really great there’s confidence around the team, but confidence alone doesn’t get wins. Luckily, Roper also says that Driskel has a better understanding this year of where to go and how to do things. He thinks that Driskel will be able to make decisions faster and in turn, make plays.

I imagine you’re wondering what the other conferences look like in terms of the quarterback position. We’ll save that one for a rainy day.

For now, SEC fans better buckle up and prepare to pull the e-brake.