Alabama Bar Takes a Swing at Johnny Football


Everyone knows who Johnny Football is, but have you heard of Johnny Piñata? Otey’s Tavern near Birmingham is home to this interesting party staple. Apparently ‘Bama fans are still a bit bitter about the loss to Texas A&M last season and need an outlet for their frustrations.

The piñata is complete with a money sign for a jersey number, a serious case of acne (or maybe chicken pox), a handful of 100-dollar bills in one hand and a sharpie marker in the other. Which makes it fair to assume the management of Otey’s aren’t buying that Manziel never received any compensation for the autograph session that was the center of an investigation by the NCAA.

Customers at Otey’s will be able to take their cuts at the piñata Wednesday during their trivia night and on game day, assuming there is anything left to swing at.

One thing is for sure, no matter how Manziel and the Aggies do against Alabama on Saturday, the outlook is not good for Johnny Piñata.

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