Questions Surrounding the NFL Combine

NFL Combine

In a few days, college football players entering the draft will travel to Indianapolis to impress coaches, soak up information, get evaluated, and be interviewed by their potential pro team.

The weekend will be full of top prospects showing off their skills to impress who they need to to make it in the NFL. Here are the biggest questions surrounding the 2014 NFL Combine:

  • Can Jadeveon Clowney run a 4.4?

This South Carolina grad has mentioned that everyone should expect quite a show from him this weekend. There has been lots of criticism from Clowney’s lack success and productivity on the field and it’s this criticism that is pushing him to strive to be great. He says that he hopes to run a 4.4 40-yard dash. If he does, he will become the talk of the town.

  • Is Johnny Manziel Really That Short?

There have been critics of short quarterbacks in the pros and in college football and Manziel has yet to escape negative chatter surrounding his height. During the combine, Manziel will be measured and it could be a matter of centimeters that separate him from other short QBs.

If he comes in at 5’11” instead of 6’0″, expect that to be the topic of conversation surrounding the draft.

  • Which “Under the Radar” Player will Shine?

You may not realize this but the NFL Combine is not just for Johnny Footballs. This event will host almost every player entering the draft, even the not-so-top players. Players from smaller schools will get the chance to compete against big names and impress coaches who would otherwise turn their cheek at the sound of their unknown name.

Running Back Chris Johnson from ECU ran a 4.24 40-yard dash and that time put his name on the radar and paid off in a big way. Johnson was drafted in the first round that year.

It’s obvious that the Combine is an opportunity for scouts to cross off names and add new ones to their wish list. Be prepared for several news stories coming out of Indianapolis this weekend.

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