QB Chad Kelly Apologizes to Clemson

Chad Kelly

After the Clemson Tigers released quarterback Chad Kelly, he decided he needed to apologize for his outrageous actions. He acknowledged that he let his family down and he feels terribly about what happened.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Kelly issued an apology statement.

“I let down not only my coaches, and teammates, but also Clemson University and all of our fans,” Kelly said. ”Most importantly, I’ve let down myself and my family.”

Kelly got the wave from the team after he had a bit of a conflict with a coach during the spring game. But, coach Dabo Swinney says that it was multiple occurrences that led to his dismissal. Swinney said that his pattern of negative behavior did not line up with the values of Clemson’s football program.

“I hope he will mature and grow from this and become the man and player I know he can be. I wish him nothing but the best in the future academically and athletically.”

In his statement, Kelly admits that he let his anger get the best of him and he will use this experience to mature and grow as an athlete. But, his apology seems to be too little, too late. His actions were out of line, but he didn’t try to fix them until after he was kicked off the team.

Now, Cole Stoudt will be the starting QB for the Tigers and for now, Kelly is without a shot at playing in 2014. But, who knows? Maybe Swinney will forgive and forget after Kelly gets his act together.

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